Massage Therapy Gold Coast

A Massage therapy Gold Coast presents involves a wide array of stroke techniques on various types of tissue such as skin, muscle, tendons or joints, but also on different organs. The tension and motion that is performed on the body can be done both manually or mechanical while the client is lying on a table, sitting in a massage chair, or directly on the floor.

There has been clinical effectiveness proved when it comes to massage therapy, especially in alleviating pain. Massage has been a popular traditional treatment in numerous countries from ancient and medieval times and it’s one of the most important therapies used in natural treatment. It can be used by practitioners either for prevention or for treating symptoms, but also for eliminating certain causes of affections.

There are numerous types of massage therapies Gold Coast can offer, depending on the patient’s needs or problem: remedial, deep tissue, sports, relaxation, Swedish, Chinese, connective tissue and even hot stones massage.

Chinese and connective tissue massages are great for alleviating pain symptoms of various chronic illnesses. Sports or hot stone massages can be used to help patients who are experiencing stiffness or soreness in certain parts of their body, but also to release tension and pain.

Deep tissue and remedial massages work great for damaged areas as they focus on deeper parts of the muscle tissue while Swedish massage is mostly used for a whole body relaxation as it provides intense and varied strokes.

Studies show that this type of therapy activates enhances the release of serotonin and oxytocin, which can have extremely positive benefits on the body. It seems that even in one massage session a person can have their pain diminished if the practitioner uses various strokes combined with pressure massage, especially when it comes to musculoskeletal injuries.

Sometimes an old injury may be treated easily with this natural therapy when other treatments failed. Another important benefit people can get from just one session of massage therapy is reducing anxiety as it easily relaxes the body and clears the mind. This also leads to lower blood pressure and prevents generalized anxiety disorder.

As a long term treatment, massage therapy can easily be used along with standard medicine and other types of treatment for clinical depression. A lot of people are using regular massage to treat a wide range of disorders such as chronic headaches by enhancing the cranial blood flow, helps people who are experimenting rheumatic pain and it’s a great treatment for sciatica.

There is no doubt that massage therapy is an important part of medicine that can help millions of people when standard procedures fail.

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Massage Gold Coast

When thinking about a massage Gold Coast offers, the picture that comes to mind is us lying on a table in a dim lighted room with aromatherapy and classical music on the background.

This may be true, but there are more benefits as it is often used as therapy for a long list of illnesses, both chronic and acute, besides the relaxing effects that help stress management. So there is more behind booking an appointment than just to relax for a while.

Some types of massage can be used for pain relief purpose in various severe symptoms such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and even some types of cancer.

This has been proven through multiple medical studies, especially when it comes to full body massage as it helps the body release hormones which help alleviate pain, give long term benefits such as minimizing the level of stress, and even help sub clinical depression.

People who suffer from chronic pain will find that their condition improves significantly when regularly having massage. It will also help people alleviate pain from neuropathy in diabetes, lower their blood pressure, prevent circulatory system problems and respiratory problems, and even help ease the effects of pregnancy on the body.

For example, some mothers are undergoing regular sessions to make sure that they will experience less pain during labor. Pain from whiplash, sprains or strains is also treated easily, sometimes even in one session; however, being sore after a workout or heavy effort can also be treated in a session of whole body massage.

There is a wide array of techniques used and types of strokes can be combined for different types of treatment. The types of massage Gold Coast offers used for pain relief are usually remedial, deep tissue and sports massage.

The most popular techniques used are pressure, vibration, rubbing, friction or kneading. Some techniques are meant to loosen the tissue and ease the stiffness in the body while others are more focused on giving the patient more flexibility or treating a certain part of their body.

Massage is also an important part of rehabilitation from surgery or injury but it also minimizes injuries on long term, especially when it comes to professional athletes. It also improves skin health by reducing stretch marks, scar tissue and enhancing the regeneration of new tissue.

People with insomnia will also notice that they will be able to sleep after massage session due to the deep relaxation they induce. Overall, a massage Gold Coast presents seems to be a common cure for many illnesses, but also a way to improve your immune system and stay healthy for a long time.

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Sports Massage Gold Coast

A sports massage Gold Coast offers is usually performed during, before, or after various athletic events. Athletes are usually prepared for certain events either to help them become more flexible and prevent injuries. When it’s done after a competition, the sports massage will reduce stress and tension in the muscles.

This massage therapy on the Gold Coast is also performed to help athletes who experience overexertion and overuse of certain areas and will help them keep up with their routine by alleviating pain caused by these affections. The massage therapists will have to have a good understanding of physiology and anatomy, especially muscular and skeletal systems.

Sports massage doesn’t have a technique of its own but borrows certain techniques from other types of massage such as Swedish massage or Shiatsu, both designed for professional athletes. Depending on the type of sport the athletes play, there are certain techniques used.

While some may require softer strokes that will just minimize the risk of injuries, others might require deep tissue massage and deep relaxation techniques that will help the muscle heal after a great deal of effort. General sports massage is usually performed to prevent tension that might build up in the muscles which will put a great deal of stress on joints or ligaments.

There are three types of strokes used in a massage: petrissage, friction and effleurage. The first technique affects deep tissue so is used when trying to stretch muscle fibers and relaxation so it’s a great technique to use before and after physical effort.

Effleurage is composed of various strokes with the palm and fingers and it’s usually the basic form of massage and how massages usually start to prepare the body for rougher and deeper techniques by warming the tissue, relaxing the muscle, and stimulating the nerves.

Friction is the deepest form of massage and often used for separating muscle fibers, breaking down scar tissue and helping lesions heal. It can be considered a more painful type of massage and it’s one of the main techniques in sports massage for professional athletes on the Gold Coast.

Some athletes integrate massage sessions in their routine to help improve their performance and competitiveness. Those who have old injuries will benefit greatly from massage to alleviate pain and even treat their injury entirely with the right massage program.

The benefits of this massage are numerous and varied: reducing blood pressure, increasing blood circulation, reducing muscle tension and alleviating pain. Also, it is one of the most efficient treatments in case of sprains, whiplash or strains.

Even if you are not a professional athlete, you can still benefit from sports massage Gold Coast can offer you before or after your regular workout. However, there are some contraindications when it comes to this particular type of massage for both athletes and non-athletes.

People who have high temperature, tumors with swelling, melanoma or open wounds should avoid having a massage.  Also, those skin disease and infections on skin should refrain from getting this type of treatment. Generally, it is a good idea to ask for your doctor’s opinion when you have a chronic disease before deciding to start a massage treatment.

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Deep Tissue Massage Gold Coast

A deep tissue massage Gold Coast can offer you is a massage therapy that is usually performed to help people with chronically tense muscles or sore areas. The practitioner may target some areas and although this type of massage is seen as similar to Swedish massage, the therapist will try to put pressure on the deeper layers of muscles.

Some people are reluctant when it comes to massage therapy but there are studies showing people not just regaining a more relaxed state of mind and better movement after massage sessions but also a reduction in stress and lower blood pressure. Deep tissue massage works by breaking down adhesions formed in muscles.

These are actually painful and sometimes rigid fibrous bands that block circulation, causing pain and even limiting the patient’s movements. However, these are the body’s natural way of protecting itself and they usually appear where there is broken tissue or after a surgery. Fibrin is deposited on injured tissue, which eventually causes the adhesion.

There are various techniques used in breaking adhesions, but in this therapy, the most common are deep pressure and friction that are applied on the problem areas. Sometimes people will find deep tissue massage a bit painful or at least feel some discomfort.

There also might be some soreness and pain after the massage treatment but that usually goes away in a day. Therapists on the Gold Coast will use their fingertips, elbows and even forearms during the massage and you will also be guided to breathe in a certain way during the session.

There are some well-known benefits of deep tissue massage and most of them even extend beyond local therapy but for postural problems, fibromyalgia or even muscle spasms. It also alleviates pain from osteoarthritis, even more than traditional methods such as exercise or medication.

Before going to see your therapist on the Gold Coast, it is important to eat a light meal, drink plenty of water to help your muscles and tissue rehydrate, and make sure that you had plenty of sleep and you are not exhausted.  Also, you should avoid drinking too much caffeine or too much sugar intake as you want your body to be in the healthiest state possible to gain the most out of your massage.

Although deep tissue massage seems like a panacea for most affections, it shouldn’t be done when the patient has one or more of the following: blood clots, open wounds, people who undergone chemotherapy recently and people who have chronic heart disease. Also, therapists on the Gold Coast won’t perform any type of massage directly over areas that seem to be inflamed, over fractures and even recent fractures.

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Remedial Massage Gold Coast

Remedial massage on the Gold Coast is a type of treatment that helps the body recover after a certain injury or illness. There are various types of massage and depending on the illness patients have, they range from strong to gentle or deep to shallow. Not only does this massage treat the disorder, sometimes a big impairment that cannot be healed with regular treatment, but it may also treat the underlying cause.

This type of treatment is also extremely efficient for athletes on the Gold Coast as it can be used to treat various related problems such as strains, sprains, bruising and even broken bones. Older people will also find this massage efficient as it is used to relieve pain in case of tense and even immobile or impaired muscles.

A remedial massage Gold Coast presents can also be used to treat tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or hamstring injuries but any patients undergoing this treatment will also notice a positive increase in other areas such as: better sleep, more energy, and even being more efficient with tasks or have better concentration at work.

This particular type of massage is usually performed using a form of lubricant such as special oils but moisturizer is also efficient and good for the skin. Specialists can start with some stretching or they can start with superficial massage called effleurage. The client’s feedback is used for better treatment, to see where there is tension and pain in order to find the problematic areas.

The positive aspect of remedial massage is the fact that patients will feel improvement very fast. Usually, after one session the patient feels slightly better and it takes only a few sessions until seeing big results. Even patients who have had injuries for years can feel better after just one session, some of them managing to improve their posture or regain a wider array of movements.

Back injuries are the most common problems on the Gold Coast that are easily healed with remedial massage even if other types of treatment weren’t efficient. Blood flow can be increased with the help of this therapy in certain areas so that they heal faster.

A typical remedial massage session usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how much care the patient needs. If the practitioner is doing a full body massage, the session might take about 90 minutes.

This massage therapy is an easy and sometimes even comfortable method of treatment for illnesses like depression, anxiety, digestive problems or multiple sclerosis, not to mention recovering after surgery or sport injuries.

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