Sports Massage Gold Coast

A sports massage Gold Coast offers is usually performed during, before, or after various athletic events. Athletes are usually prepared for certain events either to help them become more flexible and prevent injuries. When it’s done after a competition, the sports massage will reduce stress and tension in the muscles.

This massage therapy on the Gold Coast is also performed to help athletes who experience overexertion and overuse of certain areas and will help them keep up with their routine by alleviating pain caused by these affections. The massage therapists will have to have a good understanding of physiology and anatomy, especially muscular and skeletal systems.

Sports massage doesn’t have a technique of its own but borrows certain techniques from other types of massage such as Swedish massage or Shiatsu, both designed for professional athletes. Depending on the type of sport the athletes play, there are certain techniques used.

While some may require softer strokes that will just minimize the risk of injuries, others might require deep tissue massage and deep relaxation techniques that will help the muscle heal after a great deal of effort. General sports massage is usually performed to prevent tension that might build up in the muscles which will put a great deal of stress on joints or ligaments.

There are three types of strokes used in a massage: petrissage, friction and effleurage. The first technique affects deep tissue so is used when trying to stretch muscle fibers and relaxation so it’s a great technique to use before and after physical effort.

Effleurage is composed of various strokes with the palm and fingers and it’s usually the basic form of massage and how massages usually start to prepare the body for rougher and deeper techniques by warming the tissue, relaxing the muscle, and stimulating the nerves.

Friction is the deepest form of massage and often used for separating muscle fibers, breaking down scar tissue and helping lesions heal. It can be considered a more painful type of massage and it’s one of the main techniques in sports massage for professional athletes on the Gold Coast.

Some athletes integrate massage sessions in their routine to help improve their performance and competitiveness. Those who have old injuries will benefit greatly from massage to alleviate pain and even treat their injury entirely with the right massage program.

The benefits of this massage are numerous and varied: reducing blood pressure, increasing blood circulation, reducing muscle tension and alleviating pain. Also, it is one of the most efficient treatments in case of sprains, whiplash or strains.

Even if you are not a professional athlete, you can still benefit from sports massage Gold Coast can offer you before or after your regular workout. However, there are some contraindications when it comes to this particular type of massage for both athletes and non-athletes.

People who have high temperature, tumors with swelling, melanoma or open wounds should avoid having a massage.  Also, those skin disease and infections on skin should refrain from getting this type of treatment. Generally, it is a good idea to ask for your doctor’s opinion when you have a chronic disease before deciding to start a massage treatment.

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