Massage Therapy Gold Coast

A Massage therapy Gold Coast presents involves a wide array of stroke techniques on various types of tissue such as skin, muscle, tendons or joints, but also on different organs. The tension and motion that is performed on the body can be done both manually or mechanical while the client is lying on a table, sitting in a massage chair, or directly on the floor.

There has been clinical effectiveness proved when it comes to massage therapy, especially in alleviating pain. Massage has been a popular traditional treatment in numerous countries from ancient and medieval times and it’s one of the most important therapies used in natural treatment. It can be used by practitioners either for prevention or for treating symptoms, but also for eliminating certain causes of affections.

There are numerous types of massage therapies Gold Coast can offer, depending on the patient’s needs or problem: remedial, deep tissue, sports, relaxation, Swedish, Chinese, connective tissue and even hot stones massage.

Chinese and connective tissue massages are great for alleviating pain symptoms of various chronic illnesses. Sports or hot stone massages can be used to help patients who are experiencing stiffness or soreness in certain parts of their body, but also to release tension and pain.

Deep tissue and remedial massages work great for damaged areas as they focus on deeper parts of the muscle tissue while Swedish massage is mostly used for a whole body relaxation as it provides intense and varied strokes.

Studies show that this type of therapy activates enhances the release of serotonin and oxytocin, which can have extremely positive benefits on the body. It seems that even in one massage session a person can have their pain diminished if the practitioner uses various strokes combined with pressure massage, especially when it comes to musculoskeletal injuries.

Sometimes an old injury may be treated easily with this natural therapy when other treatments failed. Another important benefit people can get from just one session of massage therapy is reducing anxiety as it easily relaxes the body and clears the mind. This also leads to lower blood pressure and prevents generalized anxiety disorder.

As a long term treatment, massage therapy can easily be used along with standard medicine and other types of treatment for clinical depression. A lot of people are using regular massage to treat a wide range of disorders such as chronic headaches by enhancing the cranial blood flow, helps people who are experimenting rheumatic pain and it’s a great treatment for sciatica.

There is no doubt that massage therapy is an important part of medicine that can help millions of people when standard procedures fail.

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