Deep Tissue Massage Gold Coast

A deep tissue massage Gold Coast can offer you is a massage therapy that is usually performed to help people with chronically tense muscles or sore areas. The practitioner may target some areas and although this type of massage is seen as similar to Swedish massage, the therapist will try to put pressure on the deeper layers of muscles.

Some people are reluctant when it comes to massage therapy but there are studies showing people not just regaining a more relaxed state of mind and better movement after massage sessions but also a reduction in stress and lower blood pressure. Deep tissue massage works by breaking down adhesions formed in muscles.

These are actually painful and sometimes rigid fibrous bands that block circulation, causing pain and even limiting the patient’s movements. However, these are the body’s natural way of protecting itself and they usually appear where there is broken tissue or after a surgery. Fibrin is deposited on injured tissue, which eventually causes the adhesion.

There are various techniques used in breaking adhesions, but in this therapy, the most common are deep pressure and friction that are applied on the problem areas. Sometimes people will find deep tissue massage a bit painful or at least feel some discomfort.

There also might be some soreness and pain after the massage treatment but that usually goes away in a day. Therapists on the Gold Coast will use their fingertips, elbows and even forearms during the massage and you will also be guided to breathe in a certain way during the session.

There are some well-known benefits of deep tissue massage and most of them even extend beyond local therapy but for postural problems, fibromyalgia or even muscle spasms. It also alleviates pain from osteoarthritis, even more than traditional methods such as exercise or medication.

Before going to see your therapist on the Gold Coast, it is important to eat a light meal, drink plenty of water to help your muscles and tissue rehydrate, and make sure that you had plenty of sleep and you are not exhausted.  Also, you should avoid drinking too much caffeine or too much sugar intake as you want your body to be in the healthiest state possible to gain the most out of your massage.

Although deep tissue massage seems like a panacea for most affections, it shouldn’t be done when the patient has one or more of the following: blood clots, open wounds, people who undergone chemotherapy recently and people who have chronic heart disease. Also, therapists on the Gold Coast won’t perform any type of massage directly over areas that seem to be inflamed, over fractures and even recent fractures.

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