Remedial Massage Gold Coast

Remedial massage on the Gold Coast is a type of treatment that helps the body recover after a certain injury or illness. There are various types of massage and depending on the illness patients have, they range from strong to gentle or deep to shallow. Not only does this massage treat the disorder, sometimes a big impairment that cannot be healed with regular treatment, but it may also treat the underlying cause.

This type of treatment is also extremely efficient for athletes on the Gold Coast as it can be used to treat various related problems such as strains, sprains, bruising and even broken bones. Older people will also find this massage efficient as it is used to relieve pain in case of tense and even immobile or impaired muscles.

A remedial massage Gold Coast presents can also be used to treat tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or hamstring injuries but any patients undergoing this treatment will also notice a positive increase in other areas such as: better sleep, more energy, and even being more efficient with tasks or have better concentration at work.

This particular type of massage is usually performed using a form of lubricant such as special oils but moisturizer is also efficient and good for the skin. Specialists can start with some stretching or they can start with superficial massage called effleurage. The client’s feedback is used for better treatment, to see where there is tension and pain in order to find the problematic areas.

The positive aspect of remedial massage is the fact that patients will feel improvement very fast. Usually, after one session the patient feels slightly better and it takes only a few sessions until seeing big results. Even patients who have had injuries for years can feel better after just one session, some of them managing to improve their posture or regain a wider array of movements.

Back injuries are the most common problems on the Gold Coast that are easily healed with remedial massage even if other types of treatment weren’t efficient. Blood flow can be increased with the help of this therapy in certain areas so that they heal faster.

A typical remedial massage session usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how much care the patient needs. If the practitioner is doing a full body massage, the session might take about 90 minutes.

This massage therapy is an easy and sometimes even comfortable method of treatment for illnesses like depression, anxiety, digestive problems or multiple sclerosis, not to mention recovering after surgery or sport injuries.

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