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Remedial Massage Gold Coast

"Fast Pain Relief Solution By
Pain Relief Massage!"

Remedial Massage Gold Coast

Here's the best way to make the right decision when choosing a caring
and compassionate Massage Therapist, so you can sleep easy knowing
you've picked the right person whose skills can relieve pain, aches,
tightness, immobility and other physical discomfort or distress...

If your symptom hasn't improved within a month of
following our suggestions, I will give you a complete
no-questions-asked refund on services.

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remedial massage gold coast

Keishi Seki is the owner, a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and has helped 1000's of clients reclaim their disomfort-free life on the Gold Coast... So he won't be "Practising" with your body!


Dear Pain and Discomfort sufferer:

Wouldn't it be great to wake up every morning without that excruciating pain due to stiff, sore and swollen muscles or painful joints? Usually your day would begin with the grimacing words, “Oh No, it’s morning already!”

The good news for you today is... There’s no more wishing, hoping, and praying for relief…. Now you could finally have the discomfort-free life on the Gold Coast you've desperately wanted... it's now yours!

Hi, this is Keishi Seki

I'm a Pain Relief Therapist at the Pain Relief Massage Clinic that I own. For the last 15 years I have been helping people on the Gold Coast relieve their pain, aches, physical discomfort like tightness and stiffness or restore joint function and its mobility…. and today I want to help you!

Believe me I know what I'm talking about. I do not only have a Diploma of Remedial Massage but also Master's Degree and Bachelor's Degree in science field from a university in Japan. So I won't be performing "Nonsense Rubbing" on your body!

Are you still suffering because...

your neck is like...

  • You wish you could take your head off to be honest and rest it by the side of you because your neck is so uncomfortable?
  • You've had cracking and stiffness on the left side of your neck for almost a year now ?
  • Your whole neck has been aching, which has caused pain in the back and front of your head and it feels a little swollen too?
  • Your neck muscles constantly feel tense and hard. It feels like there's a rock in there?
  • Your neck has been aching a lot lately and sometimes you just have to stop working to deal with it?


  • Your neck started to grind and crack whenever you turn your head?
  • can't take it any more of this. Your neck is sore 24/7?
  • When you wake up, you nearly have to crawl out of bed as your neck is so sore. You got a new mattress and pillow but still sore?
  • You are sick of going to the doctor. Your neck and whole body feel like you are 90 years old and your family are sick of you moaning?
  • You wake up in the morning with really bad neck pain, the pain is on the sides of your neck and you can’t turn your head right or left?


  • It feels like someone is squeezing your neck?
  • You repeatedly seem to injure your neck, resulting in an inability to turn your head for a day or two?
  • You can't turn your neck, your shoulder is in so much pain and the elbow now and the wrist on that arm?
  • You are a bit fed up of taking anti inflammatories and painkillers?
  • Every day you feel like chopping off your neck and just putting your head back on because everyday you wake up with a headache starting from the base of your neck and ending in your forehead and both temples, and your neck aches every minute of every day?


  • Could not sleep at all because you could not position yourself on the left, right, back, stomach, it just killed… ?
  • You are having pain on your lower neck and shoulders. It becomes very tense and painful, and then you can not turn your head towards one direction?
  • For months, you have had constant neck pain when you move your head left, right, up or down?
  • You've been waking up during the night with a lot of neck pain. Every day the pain is a little worse than the last?
  • You don't know what you did to yourself, and it's driving you crazy. You've had pain in your neck for almost a week now. The pain was switching sides and it would cause one sided headaches?


  • You have developed worse than normal muscle pain and tension on the right side of the neck, and a new addition of tingly pain all the way down your arm, inside upper arm, outside lower arm and into the ring and pinky fingers?
  • Whatever it is, you want your life back, and can't imagine living the rest of your life like this on the Gold Coast?
  • It feels like there is somebody constantly on your shoulders?
  • It feels as if your brain was pushing down on your spine, neck and skull pain with cracking and grinding noises. Your head feels so heavy and just aches?
  • You have tried different sleeping positions, different pillows, but that doesn't help?


  • It feels like someone is squeezing the neck?
  • You discovered what appears to be a bony hump or vertebrae sticking out on the back of your painful neck?
  • For months, you have had constant neck pain when you move your head left, right, up or down?
  • You've tried a remedial massage in Gold Coast but all they did was just rubbing your neck and you wasted money?

with a headache that's...

  • Making you dizzy and you can feel the pressure so much it feels like your scalp could explode!
  • You've been getting annoying tension headaches over the last week. It feels like you're wearing a hat that's too small?
  • You get a tension headache fairly often when you're stressed and anxious, and today has certainly been a stressful day!
  • As if the pain wasn't enough, your headaches hinder your concentration and make your mood even worse?
  • You get tension headaches everyday from a head injury resulting from a car accident?


  • You've had on-going tension headaches, which you believe are caused by your highly stressful job?
  • It feels as though there's a tight band around your head and hasn't responded to painkillers?
  • You are starting to have one of those neck-tension headaches that turn into a migraine with nausea?
  • It feels as if something was clamped on your head, pressing against both temples?
  • You were given a prescription pills, they didn't help as they never do, and since then you've just accepted the fact that you might have to live with it till the end of your life!


  • Your Neurologist on the Gold Coast believes the pain in your neck is a muscle spasm and this spasm sends pain from the back of neck to the front of your face?
  • You've been suffering from frequent tension headache from your college days because of constant stress?
  • Nagging head pain due to scalp muscle contraction and face muscle contraction. It lasts for even 20 days. Because of this you have grim face and can't even laugh due to muscle tightness!
  • You have a horrible tension headache accompanied by waves of sickness, which is worsened when bending over to pick things up?
  • Tightening and pulling sensation at the base of your neck on one side only, a pressure pain runs along that side of your head, over an eye, and down into the bridge of your nose?


  • Your headache often disables you to the point where you cannot go to work for the day and need to spend the day in bed?
  • Feels like it runs around your head and temples and hurts worse when you move around?
  • You've tried a remedial massage in gold coast but they pressed your neck too hard and your headache became a lot worse?

Or, is your back...

  • hurting so bad it's making you walk weird and having a hard time getting in and out of bed?
  • looking and walking like a 98 year old woman with a distressed look on your face as it's hard to stand up straight and walk?
  • losing a lot of sleep, bringing yourself to tears or taking your breath away because of your extreme back pain?
  • keeping you awake most of the night and going into panic mode?
  • taking medication which isn't doing anything for your back pain?


  • you can barely get your kids to school because you have so much pain in your back?
  • taking medication thinking this cannot be good for the baby inside you?
  • hardly eat because of the back pain?
  • nearly passed out due to pains across your lower back and it was so intense your had to lie on the floor at work?
  • suffering from such severe lower back pain that you cannot stand up when the attack comes, leave the house on your own, drive or go to work?


  • doctors on the Gold Coast don't seem concerned at all and aren't very helpful with no definite answer of what it is?
  • it takes you several minutes just to get up and out of the bed as your lower back hurts so bad that you could barely move?
  • hurting so much with a pinched nerve it's pinching the quality of your life on the Gold Coast?
  • You've tried a remedial massage in Gold Coast but ended up receiving a relaxation massage?

Or, your buttock or hip is like...

  • When you woke up and got up this morning, you had the worst pain in your bum cheeks! When you walk, it gives you pain down your legs and it's just generally uncomfortable?
  • You have had a nagging pain between your left buttock and thigh for a while now. Driving and lifting any load seem to be the worst offenders. It hurts even when you walk?
  • When you walk there is a stabbing pain deep in the buttock. It is a short but very sharp shooting/stabbing pain and then it will ache, and it has ached continuously all night?
  • You are suffering from bad buttock pain both sides!! It really hurts to sit down and is getting worse. It doesn't hurt when you lie down. You did get really horrible electric pain on both heels for 10 months when you walk?
  • You fell and landed on your left buttock. You were in absolute agony. You can’t walk for longer than 10 minutes, you can’t stand in queues for longer than a minute! You have been off work for quite sometime?


  • You are still on the tablets because the pain is still there. You can actually press the spot in your buttock and it hurts like hell!?
  • While playing tennis weeks back you jumped for a shot and got a very sharp pain in your lower left buttock. The pain gradually lessened but you felt it go again while playing again a couple of days ago. The pain is quite severe. Sitting is a problem as well as driving. The pain also goes into your upper leg?
  • For years you have suffered with an intense burning pain at the base of your buttocks. Taking a trip by auto or sitting in the office greatly increases the pain?
  • You have pain in your left hip area. It started about several days ago. It hurts more when you are turning in bed, going up & down stairs or standing for long periods of time?
  • It’s like a sharp stabbing pain towards the core of your right buttock, making your right leg difficult to move at times. It definitely worsens throughout the night and mornings are tough, then it usually subsides through the day with some activities?


  • You started having some pain in your butt several months ago. The pain was only when you moved a certain way or laughed or coughed. After a few months of that you started getting the same pain when rising from a seated position. Eventually it led to a constant pain in your butt?
  • You felt a stabbing pain in your left hip. Shooting from your buttock down your left leg?
  • You heard a pop in your left buttock with almost immediate pain?
  • You took a fairly hard fall going down some stairs and landed on your right buttock. It could send real quick shooting pains around the right buttock region?
  • You tried a deep tissue massage or remedial massage in Gold Coast but they just kept poking you all the time and it didn't make any sense?

Or, is it your shoulder...

  • You've just slept funny and your shoulder is killing you now?
  • Your stiff painful shoulders just hurt and burn all the time. It’s bad especially at night when you lie down?
  • When you raise your arm, you often have to support it with your other hand as you want to slowly bring it down?
  • You are getting pains in your left shoulder whenever you do bench press?
  • You took a nap today and woke up with the most excruciating pain in your left shoulder and your left arm is very sore?


  • Trying to put your hair in a ponytail is an ordeal?
  • You don't sleep well and every morning you feel like you slept on the wrong side of the bed?
  • You've hit hundreds of golf balls yesterday and developed some nasty pain in your right shoulder?
  • Today you have the most horrific left shoulder blade pain that shoots up your neck and into your left arm?
  • You feel a sharp pinch between your shoulder blades while you are running and it feels like your hair is stabbing you?


  • Your whole shoulder has seized up. You have difficulty moving your aching shoulder and head now?
  • Any backward movement of your arm or a jerk makes you cry for minutes?
  • You have a constant tiny twinge in the shoulder that reminds you "it" is there ready to flare if you don't favor it properly?
  • After moving extremely heavy furniture, you began experiencing severe pain in the left shoulder and arm with an intense tingling sensation in left thumb and index finger?
  • You've been working too hard with your hands and having severe left shoulder pain for the past six years. Your doctor said it's a pinching nerve problem?


  • In addition to the sharp burning pain in the shoulder, you have been experiencing numbness and tingling in your arm and half of your hand (the pinkie and ring finger) as well as shooting pain radiation down your arm?
  • You tried a sports massage and remedial massage in Gold Coast but they didn't even know what to do with your shoulder problem?

If this is you, then, with my expertise and help,

Your discomfort could become a thing
of the past from this day forward….

What you need is a reputable professional Pain Reliever on the Gold Coast who knows what he is doing. The important thing to look for is the depth of anatomy knowledge of the therapist and clinical experience. I apply extensive anatomy knowledge and assessment skills, come up with the best treatment plan and target the right tissue. No time wasting at all!

I know the function of each muscle in your body.
I know which muscle, ligament or other tissue to target for each symptom.
I know the name of each muscle of your body.
I know the mechanism of nerve compression by discs like sciatica.

Feel free to ask in the middle of your treatment which tissue I'm working on, what I'm doing, why I'm doing it. I am more than happy to answer your questions.

Just remember not to try a massage shack operated by unqualified children in a shopping center. You could end up saying, "These people don't really know what they're doing".

Don't go and see a chiropractor who just cracks your bones, doesn't do anything to your aching muscles and insists you need to come back again and again and again.

Don't choose physiotherapists if you don't want to waste time trying to master the complex exercise program they teach you.

Here's 47 Great Reasons Why You Need
To Book NOW !

  • Best relief for Neck, Shoulder, Back, Lower Back, Hip, Leg, Knee, Ankle, Arm, Elbow, Wrist, Hand, Finger, Toe, Foot and Emotion!
  • Relive your Headache and Migraine that's been bothering you regularly and start smiling again!
  • Get rid of the ache behind your eyeballs before they almost pop out of your head with distress!
  • Vanish your blurred vision in less than 30 minutes before it ruins your day.
  • Thaw your frozen stiff neck and stop looking like a strange person.
  • Remove your neck pain you've always had since you were born and start feeling like a normal person for the first time in your life!
  • Trusted by thousands of female clients just like you as a Female Customer Friendly Clinic on the Gold Coast. In fact 71 percent of my clients are female.


  • With your improved shoulder quality, finally you don't need to ask your husband to help you undo your bra any more! Enjoy being independent.
  • Relief from Stress and Depression. Great relief when your partner or boss is annoying you!
  • Enjoy life without Sciatica Pain.
  • Move your arms, legs and neck Freely and look 10 years Younger!
  • Thaw your Frozen Shoulder you thought you couldn't move any more and enjoy playing golf again.
  • Sleep Better with No Soreness and enjoy unbroken wonderful sleep like a baby!
  • Grab whatever you want to grab painlessly even if all of your fingers are affected by arthritis.


  • Make your groin pain a thing of the past!
  • Do not retire just because you feel you think you're already physically unfit. Restore function of your body and enjoy working longer.
  • Enjoy dancing again, which you thought you'd never be able to do again!
  • Play tennis and computer games without Tennis Elbow pain and win!
  • Be a Golf Champion by removing your annoying Golf Elbow pain!
  • Don't give up your regular jogging you love. Just fix your legs and run again.
  • Be a bodybuilder without chronic pain. If you are a bodybuilder, regular loosening is essential. I assure you your stiffness and ache will only get worse otherwise.


  • Get rid of your calf cramp problem without nutrition supplement. It's too easy.
  • No more whinging by your child about their back pain! No worries. My youngest regular client is 12 years old. Blue Card? Sure thing!
  • You body is never too old. Take action now and consider doing whatever you've always wanted to do but haven't. I'll help you. My oldest regular client is 93 years old and still enjoying his discomfort-free life.
  • It's likely that your backache chiropractors couldn't get rid of can be easily removed by me.
  • Fix your problem a physiotherapy couldn't fix. I've seen that happening many times.
  • Avoid the planned operation altogether for your carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Relieve your plantar fasciitis pain and run faster!


  • Vanish your whiplash symptom before the car accident starts to ruin your life.
  • Make your bulging disc go home so the disc bulge won't annoy your lower back and legs any more.
  • At last, your chest pain that mimics cardiac pain will be gone!
  • Feel more able to take control of your Fibromyalgia by experiencing being pain-free even for just a short time.
  • Conquer your lower back pain caused by pregnancy before it turns into a lifetime problem.
  • Manage to reach the goal of Gold Coast Marathon without developing devastating shin splints.
  • No more calf cramping that wakes you up in the middle of the night caused by a side effect of cancer chemotherapy.


  • Avoid common disaster caused by many undertrained physiotherapists... "My physio just keeps giving me exercises without any manual treatment for my pain and I'm not getting anywhere!"
  • No more crying because of your severe back pain with Scheuermann's disease!
  • Relief for tendinitis, sprain, strain, spasm, constant ache...
  • Recover from Injury in No Time!
  • Relief for stress, dizziness, tiredness...
  • Feel free to doubt whether I'm doing a proper treatment and telling you the truth. You are welcome to verify it yourself with my huge range of medical books.
  • The cause of your symptom and the treatment procedure is explained. No more guessing.


  • By seeing the right person, you need treatments less regularly and less often. This means you save your precious money and time.
  • Let your private health fund pay $600, $300, $100, $50, or $30 for you, pay as little out-of-pocket as possible!
  • Save time by our On-The-Spot claiming of your private health fund. No need to visit or post to your health fund.
  • Save more time by using Eftpos and Credit Card. No need to go to a bank and withdraw cash prior to your visit here.
  • And much, much more!

But you don’t have to take my word for it…

Here’s a testimonial PROOF that My Treatment
really works...

"Keishi has managed to give me back my sanity after enduring years of daily shoulder blade pain that would also refer up into my neck.

I am so grateful to Keishi for his ability to listen where other professionals did not. After weekly massages, I have improved dramatically and now I wake up pain free.

I have started living and smiling again thanks to the Pain Relief Massage Clinic which really does live up to its name."

Leanne Jones
Gold Coast

"You Can Even Avoid Painful Operations!"

"I was skeptical when my chiropractor asked me to find the best massage therapist to cure my painful shoulder muscle with calcification problem on its tendon.

After Keishi checked the report from my radiologist, he was able to fix my painful shoulder within three sessions, only 30 minutes each.

It’s simply amazing! Everybody that I know who had the same problem had an operation and ended up spending thousands of dollars and with immobile shoulder for months until it healed. I was so lucky to find him!"

Carol James
Gold Coast

Here is what 89 year old Betty had to say,

"I Thought There Was No Hope But..."

“I was born with a bad scoliosis and often can’t sleep because my back and buttock hurt so much. My doctor suggested acupuncture but it was not good enough.

Keishi always gives me a great relief whenever I need one. He is the only person who can help me. I can’t do without him!”

Betty Wilson
Gold Coast


Just a quick note to say thank you for the great massage.
I am a former Olympic wrestler with the AIS ( Australian Institute of Sport) in Canberra.

I am very pleased I have found you guys. I was a Olympic wrestler for nearly 20 years and sustained many injuries which flare up from time to time, and the relief I have got from one session with you is nothing short of amazing. I look forward to the next appointment .

I have no problem recommending your clinic as you do great work!"

Kind regards
Cooper helmers
Gold Coast

Book Now By Calling
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Clinic's Guarantee

If in the unlikely event your symptom hasn't even improved within a month of following our treatment and suggestions, I will happily give all of your money back.There is simply nothing to lose by calling to book your appointment today.

"So, How Much Do We Charge?"
"What's The Cost?"

It's not a cost! It's an investment in your wellbeing, health and future. Your investment today for the initial consultation (without a treatment) up to half an hour is absolutely free.

After this initial consultation, if you still feel unsure and are not ready for the suggested following treatment, I will be happy to let you go without any charge. I'll thank you for sharing your concern with me.

If you are happy with what you hear during the initial consultation though, the following short treatment of minimum half an hour for a Category A client will be $77. If a longer session is needed, $97 for 45 minutes unless you click here now and grab your Discount Voucher. Almost all female customers fall into this Category A.

Most male customers fall into Category B which usually requires heavy workload with more pressure to treat. A short treatment of half an hour will be $107 and $127 for 45 minutes.

But wait... you might be one of those lucky people who end up paying almost nothing!

I show you a good example of one of my regular clients. She pays me just $10 for half an hour treatment. Why? Because her health fund NIB pays almost full amount of the total fee. Isn't it great?

Or you might be with Medibank Private and have its Package Bonus worth hundreds of dollars. Then you won't pay a cent here!


Health Funds Rebate for
Pain Relief Remedial Massage Gold Coast

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and much, much more funds!

Generally speaking, half an hour is enough for a simple pain relief treatment because I don't waste time doing unnecessary things and waste your money and time.

Sure, one hour session or even two hour treatment is available if you want to loosen large part of your body for example.

Some people invest very little, others invest what it takes to achieve their goals. The investment is not just money; it is also an investment in your time and future.

"Please remember it's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money, that' all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything because the thing you bought was incapable of doing what it was bought for."

Make a decision today to change your mindset from "Massage is a Luxury" to "Without discomfort-free life, the material world of homes, cars etc and everything else is meaningless." Change your mind set to "Investing in your Pain Relief is an investment into your future." With discomfort-free life and health, anything can be achieved.

You’re now just a phone call away from living without Pain!
Go ahead and book right now. I know you'll be happy you did.


massage gold coast
Keishi Seki

P.S. Remember, once you come, you're fully backed by money back guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose except your pain! Please call now to book your appointment and feel better already.

P.P.S. Avoid disappointment by taking action right now. What would usually happen if you called me late? You would hear me saying, "I'm sorry we are fully booked today."


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Opposite Harbour Town Shopping Centre: 192 Brisbane Road (Gold Coast Highway), Arundel 4214 (formerly Labrador)

We are opposite Harbour Town Shopping Centre and at the end of one of the service roads of Brisbane Road. Please note that the entry to this service road can be tricky.

remedial massage gold coast

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